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Condemn White Supremacist Extremism as a Major Global Threat

Co-Sponsors: Castro, Rose, Norton, Meeks

Endorsed by the Anti-Defamation League

Dear Colleague,

Please join me in supporting H.Res.732 to recognize and condemn transnational white supremacist extremism as a major global threat.  

Over the past several years, there has been a disturbing increase in white supremacist extremist violence around the world. Exacerbated by the easy dissemination of offensive and provocative content through online platforms, hateful ideologies continue to
permeate insidious, radicalized international networks. From Charleston to Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and El Paso, this despicable scourge has wrought devastation on our communities. To combat white supremacist extremism, countries throughout the world are
coming together and taking action. Without hesitation, we must make clear that such disgusting beliefs have no place, here or anywhere.

By calling out the threat of white supremacist extremism, the resolution highlights the alarming frequency of attacks, underscores the global nature of the problem in the internet age, and emphasizes that intolerance contradicts universal principles of freedom
and equality. A champion of liberal values, the United States must unequivocally denounce white supremacist extremism, strengthen diplomatic efforts to counter this menace, and reestablish American leadership in building more inclusive societies.

Contact Christian Krueger ( in Congressman Castro’s office to be included as a co-sponsor.


Joaquin Castro

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