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The 2020 Census is expected to total over $15.6 billion in federal spending. However, federal dollars are not the only resources supporting census efficiency and accuracy.

States like New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, and California have allocated amounts ranging from $9 million to $100 million to bolster census outreach. At least thirty states have established Complete Count Committees to support local operations and New
York City has even allocated $40 million of its own funding. Additionally, national nonprofits like United Philanthropy Forum and collaborative campaigns like Census Counts amplify resources throughout the country to reach hard-to-count populations.

Counting every American household, especially disadvantaged hard-to-reach populations, requires a deep network of support. It is essential now than ever to capture the comprehensive reality of census operations nationwide.

Please join me in co-sponsoring H.R. 5405, the Coordinating Efficiency in Nonprofit, State, and U.S. (CENSUS) Resources Act. This legislation will commission a national study to evaluate cooperation, redundancy, and best practices among
all levels of census strategy.

In fulfilling our constitutional duty to carry out the census, we must make every effort to streamline coordination and maximize resources. Identifying any area of improvement or excellence will help us to create the most successful, equitable census moving

H.R. 5405 directs the Comptroller General to study the 2020 Census operations of states, units of local government, the federal government, and nonprofit organizations and evaluate:

  • the level and quality of cooperation
  • any redundant use of such funds
  • best practices in management
  • the effectiveness in coordinated outreach to hard-to-count populations

I hope you will join me in supporting this legislation. For more information or to join as a co-sponsor, please contact Dan Latu ( at x57919.


Albio Sires

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