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Dear Colleagues,

I urge you to support H.R. 737, The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act, coming to the floor tomorrow (11/20). 

While shark finning – the removal of fins at sea, is already illegal in U.S. waters, this bill goes a step further and makes it illegal to buy or sell shark fins. This practice is incredibly inhumane and the marketplace for these fins should no longer be

Shark finning manifests itself through catching sharks, removing their fins while they are still alive, and then tossing the finless shark back into the water where it will likely drown or be attacked by other sea creatures. Currently the practice of buying
and selling these fins is allowed. Let us give a voice for the voiceless. 

H.R. 737 has 287 cosponsors and over 645 endorsements from businesses and organizations. 

  • This bill does not prohibit shark fishing. You can still catch sharks if it’s for their meat.
  • The point of discarding the fin is to target what is driving the demand, thus leading to the slaughter of millions of sharks annually, including certain species close to extinction.
  • Ranking Member McCaul’s and Congressman Sablan’s leadership on this bill has been elevated to an international scale which prompted Canada to introduce similar legislation. Canada just passed a bill over the summer making them the first G20 country to ban
    the shark fin trade.
  • There is no cost to this bill.

I hope you will join me in voting YES on H.R. 737 The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act tomorrow. 



Brian Fitzpatrick

Member of Congress


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