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Dear Colleague,

We are writing to ask you to cosponsor H.R. 1251, The Public Buildings Renewal Act (PBRA) of 2019. This legislation will spur private investment in public building infrastructure throughout the United States by creating $5 billion in Private Activity Bonds
for the development of government-owned public buildings.

In every American community, there are serious concerns about the condition of our schools, public hospitals, justice facilities, universities, police and fire stations. With state and local budgets becoming increasingly strained, officials have chosen to
save money by steadily reducing capital investment in public buildings. But years of underinvestment have led to facilities that are inadequately maintained, fail to comply with current codes or disability requirements, and do not have adequate security—endangering
the general public. Throughout the country, the average public-school building is at least 40 years old, and the current backlog of maintenance and repair projects adds up to more than $45 billion annually in unmet funding needs. It is past time that we upgrade
our public buildings to provide a safe, modern, and efficient experience from coast to coast.

Presently, the use of public-private partnerships to develop government owned, public buildings is restricted because, unlike transportation infrastructure projects, public buildings are not currently eligible for Private Activity Bonds. This unnecessary
impediment prevents public building from combining tax-exempt financing with private, taxable financing, resulting in lower project costs for our state and local governments. The Public Buildings Renewal Act adds public buildings as a new class of projects
eligible for financing with Private Activity Bonds, allowing state and local governments to more easily invest in public building infrastructure projects, such as schools and hospitals. Once enacted, state and local governments would be able to enter into
long-term contracts with a private sector company to design, build, finance, and/or operate the building for a defined period of time.

We can no longer accept schools and hospitals in disrepair, deferred maintenance, and delayed capital investment. We hope you will join us in supporting H.R. 1251 today.



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