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Please join us in co-sponsoring H.Res.701 to express continued support for a fully funded and staffed Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), reject efforts aimed at privatizing the VA, and oppose the Trump Administration’s
actions undermining several rights and protections for VA workers.  

Over 9 million veterans are enrolled in the VA health care system, with over 7 million using VA resources for all or part of their care. This resolution calls for the promotion of policies that expand VA funding, augment VA staff capacities and prevent moving
essential VA resources to the private sector, which would jeopardize care for veterans. Veterans who have valiantly served our country deserve the highest quality care. 

The RAND Corporation’s Ready to Serve national study found that based on nearly 50 quality-of-care measurements, the VA is better equipped than non-VA providers
to handle culturally competent trauma based care and other major mental health conditions like PTSD and depression. Furthermore, a bipartisan
survey by Lake Research and Chesapeake Beach Consulting
 revealed that 80% of veterans are opposed to shifting VA care into a system of private sector vouchers, which likely won’t cover all costs.  

We should remain committed to protecting veterans against efforts by special interest groups to dismantle the VA and push them into a for-profit healthcare system that is not only far costlier, but also unable to adequately address their complex needs, especially
in rural areas. 

In addition, this resolution also calls for defending the worker rights and protections of VA employees that are being threatened by the Trump Administration, along with fortifying VA employees’ rights to unionize undercut by the Administration’s anti-union

We urge you to join in this resolution’s commitment to oppose VA privatization and empower VA employees’ labor rights. For more information or to sign on as a co-sponsor of this resolution, please contact Sayanna Molina in Rep. Grijalva’s office at

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