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Dear Colleague,
As we conclude another Manufacturing Month (aka October), I invite you to join me in recognizing and supporting the importance of the U.S. manufacturing industry for growing our economy, creating jobs, and ensuring national security. Manufacturers are facing
many challenges today and your help is needed to support and strengthen this crucial industry.

Why? – The Economic Impact of Manufacturing

  • The manufacturing industry has a significant impact in every congressional district across the country, from the movement and use of raw materials, to the work-in-process operations and inventory, to the distribution of finished goods.
  • Recent data shows that the manufacturing industry contributes more than $2.38 trillion to the U.S. economy, with about 12.8 million workers employed by manufacturers across the country, accounting for
    ten percent of private sector jobs. An additional 18.5 million jobs are supported indirectly by manufacturing businesses.
  • Manufacturers are a significant driver of innovation, responsible for more than two-thirds of private sector R&D and receiving more than 90% of new patents.
  • On average, manufacturing workers in the United States have earned more than the average worker in all other industries. These are family-wage jobs in clean, safe environments that increasingly offer high-tech skilled positions.

How can I get more involved? – The House Manufacturing Caucus

  • As Co-Chair of the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus, I encourage you to become more informed and involved with manufacturing issues and policy solutions. The purpose of the Caucus is to educate and engage members of Congress and their staffs on critical
    challenges facing the U.S. manufacturing industry.
  • Many of you attended recent Manufacturing Caucus briefings on:
    • The manufacturing revolution of 3D printing and additive manufacturing,
    • Workforce development and innovations for the chemical processing industry, and
    • Challenges faced by the U.S. polysilicon industry, a critical and strategic material used in solar cells and integrated circuits.
  • Through these events, we bring important issues to the attention of Congress so that we understand key U.S. industries and identify ways to strengthen their capacity to innovate and grow.

What solutions are proposed? – Helping U.S. Manufacturing

This Congress, I have introduced several bills to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing industry. Please consider
joining me as a co-sponsor on these important pieces of legislation.

  • HR 2900 – The Chief Manufacturing Officer Act: requires the President to appoint someone with the right background to take American manufacturing into the 21st century
  • HR 3730Strengthening Investment to Grow Manufacturing in America (SIGMA) Act: increases affordable loans to manufacturers, provides incentives to grow operations, supports manufacturing startups, expands education assistance.
  • HR 2342 – The RETAIN Act: Adds a preference in civilian and defense contracts for contractors that promise to retain jobs in the United States.
  • HR xxxx – The Incubator Act of 2019: New bill introduced this week, pumps $300 million over the next 6 years into business development and economic growth through support for business incubators. Funds will be distributed throughout
    the U.S.

How can I support local manufacturers in my district? – National Manufacturing Day

  • HConRes 28Manufacturing Day Resolution: Designates the first Friday of October as “Manufacturing Day”
    We celebrate Manufacturing Day annually to recognize the important role of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Day allows for communities, schools, and colleges to engage with local businesses to learn about the importance of manufacturing, to experience
    the modern ‘shop floor,’ and to explore the range of career opportunities available.

For more information about manufacturing, to join the Caucus, or to co-sponsor, please contact Kevin Jurrens in my office at


Tim Ryan
Member of Congress

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