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Dear Colleague,

Please join me in co-sponsoring H.R. 4277, the Department of Defense Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act of 2019, which would introduce new requirements and standards to increase transparency at DOD. This bill is a House companion to a similar measure introduced
by Sen. Warren.

Too often, defense contractors recruit former DOD officials who game the procurement system through their prior relationships and knowledge. Or, DOD hires former private sector executives who award contracts to their former employers. Either way, private
companies benefit and taxpayers lose out from wasteful spending. This bill would save taxpayer money and make DOD work better by limiting the influence of officials not acting in the public interest.


The Department of Defense Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act Would:

Limit the Revolving Door and Restrict Contractor Influence

  • Limit the revolving door between senior DOD officials and industry by imposing a 4-year ban on giant contractors hiring senior DOD officials and on contractors hiring former DOD employees who managed their contract;
  • Extend from 2 to 4 years the existing prohibition on former military generals lobbying the DOD;
  • Require defense contractors to submit detailed annual reports to DOD regarding former senior DOD officials who are subsequently employed by contractors;
  • Raise the recusal standard for DOD employees by prohibiting them from participating in any matter that affects the financial interests of their former employer for 4 years; and
  • Ban senior DOD officials from owning any stock in a major defense contractor and bans all DOD employees from owning any stock in contractors if the employee can use their official position to influence the stock’s value. 

Limit Foreign Influence

  • Require the military service secretaries to submit annual reports to Congress containing the emoluments waivers issued to retired senior military officers to be hired by or receive compensation from foreign governments;
  • Require explicit approval of the Secretary of State, in consideration of U.S. national security interests, for all former senior officials of the White House and Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury who seek paid work for a foreign government or
    non-governmental foreign entity; and
  • Ban all former military and civilian intelligence officers from working for any foreign government or private entity that operates predominantly on behalf of a foreign government.


Ensure Contractor Transparency

  • Require large defense contractors to submit a report of their lobbying activities, including with whom they’re meeting, what they’re lobbying about, and what (unclassified) information they’re sharing.
  • Require the Secretary of Defense to publish online copies of all DOD contracts worth more than $10 million, including any relevant and available performance history of the contractor;
  • Make private defense contractors subject to the Freedom of Information Act, the federal open records law; and
  • Require the military services to maintain public websites with the names, biographies, and any associated financial disclosures, as well as DOD Inspector General reports and command climate surveys, regarding all active and reserve component senior military

If you would like to co-sponsor the bill or have any questions, please contact Mitchel Hochberg in my office at


Jackie Speier

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