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Dear Colleague:

Please join me in sending a letter to the CEO of MeToo Kit, an at-home, self-administered rape kit, expressing concerns and requesting more information about the product before it comes to the market. 

The MeToo Kit is being advertised as a way for survivors of sexual assault to take control of their experiences, but there are significant concerns about the for-profit nature of the product and the harmful effects the kits could have on the lives of sexual
assault survivors. In addition to potentially deterring survivors from filing necessary police reports and raising serious doubt about admissibility as evidence in court, the kit overlooks the necessity of medical exams and other treatment from trained professionals
in the case of sexual assault. 

Several Attorneys General and numerous organizations, including the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, have come out against the MeToo Kit as a product that undermines best practices in sexual assault response and could cause unnecessary, potentially
long-term harm to survivors.

While recognizing there are systemic challenges in the way we handle sexual assault cases, the MeToo Kit is not an appropriate way to address these issues.

The deadline to sign on is COB Wednesday, September 18. To sign on or for other questions, please contact Ellie Valega in Rep. Sylvia R. Garcia’s office at or 202-225-1688. 



Sylvia R. Garcia

Member of Congress