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Join Reps. Demings and González-Colón and Cosponsor a Bipartisan, Bicameral Resolution Supporting Media Diversity

Cosponsors: Bass, Beatty, Brown, Butterfield, Cardenas, Carson, Castor, Cisneros, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Cohen, Coleman, Crist, Cummings, DeSaulnier, Deutch, Diaz Barragán, Eshoo, Espaillat, Evans, Fudge, Gallego, Garcia (TX), González,
Grijalva, Hastings, Himes, Holmes Norton, Jackson Lee, Jayapal, Jeffries, Johnson (GA), Johnson (TX), Kelly, Kennedy, Larson, Lawrence, Lawson, Lee (CA), Lieu, Lujan, McGovern, Meeks, Meng, Moore, Murphy, Omar, Pallone, Payne, Richmond, Rouda, Roybal-Allard,
Rush, Schakowsky, Scott (GA), Scott (VA), Sewell, Shalala, Smith, Titus, Tlaib, Tonko, Velázquez, Visclosky, Wasserman Shultz, Waters, Wild, & Wilson

Senate Sponsors: Rosen & Rubio

Dear Colleague:

An independent, diverse media is critical for the health of the United States of America. Exposure to a broad range of viewpoints and the ability to contribute to the political debate is central to keeping the public informed and sustaining informed citizen

The American media industry continues to struggle with both racial and gender diversity—a critical shortcoming for an industry which accounts for almost twenty percent of the U.S. GDP and influences our culture, our future, and our understanding of ourselves
as a society. These shortcomings are stark when you consider that people of color are a large and growing segment of the U.S. population. More troubling, the few existing multicultural media stakeholders are facing grave threats to their survival. As a result,
fifty years after the Kerner Commission Report called for increased media diversity, America is facing a diversity crisis with a profound economic and social cost.

The constriction of independent and diverse media outlets and limited participation of diverse populations in media decision making has wide-ranging effects on American society. It constrains American’s ability to engage with local, state, and federal representatives;
but more importantly, it prevents the full engagement and interaction of American’s with one another. Congress must lead the way and demonstrate to the American people that diverse representation in all aspects of American life are critical to a healthy, prosperous

Please join me in standing up for media diversity by agreeing to cosponsor this bipartisan, bicameral resolution reaffirming our commitment to work with media entities and stakeholders to eliminate barriers to diversity.

If you would like to be added as a cosponsor or have any questions, please contact


Val B. Demings

Member of Congress

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