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Menstrual Equity For All Act of 2019

Endorsing entities: MomsRising, I Support The Girls, Greater DC Diaper Bank, Alliance for Period Supplies, Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters, Platform, IGNITE, Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products,
Aunt Flow, Hope Bag Mission, Georgia Stop Tax On Menstrual Products, No More Secrets: Mind Body Spirit, Inc., Days for Girls International

Cosponsors (72): Reps. Aguilar, Barragan, Bass, Beatty, Blumenauer, Brownley, Cárdenas, Castor, Chu, Cicilline, Clark, Clarke, Cohen, Connolly, Courtney, Cox, Dean, DeFazio, DeLauro, Doggett, Engel, Garcia (Sylvia), Grijalva, Haaland, Hastings,
Hayes, Hill, Jackson Lee, Jayapal, Johnson (Eddie Bernice), Johnson (Hank), Kelly (Robin), Kennedy, Khanna, Larsen, Lee (Barbara), Levin, Lieu, Lofgren, Maloney (Carolyn), Maloney (Sean), McCollum, McGovern, Meeks, Moore, Morelle, Mucarsel-Powell, Nadler,
Napolitano, Norton, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Payne Jr., Pressley, Raskin, Rice, Rouda, Roybal-Allard, Ryan, Schakowsky, Scott (David), Speier, Titus, Tlaib, Tonko, Trone, Vela, Velázquez, Wasserman Schultz, Watson Coleman, and Wexton

Dear Colleague,

I invite you to cosponsor the Menstrual Equity For All Act of 2019.  Menstruation hygiene items, such as pads, tampons, cups, and liners, are necessary purchases for the vast majority of women. Popular culture would have you believe these
products are ubiquitous and cheap, but in truth, many women face difficulty when it comes to access and affordability. I previously wrote an op-ed in Marie Claire outlining many of these issues, which you can read here for more information:

Our Laws Period-Shame Women—So I’m Going to Change Them

It’s estimated that up to 86% of women use tampons, up to 72% use pads, and 75% use panty liners. Most premenopausal women use menstrual hygiene products on a monthly basis and it is estimated that a woman will use up to 16,000 tampons in her lifetime. Regardless
of income, women spend a significant amount of money on purchasing menstruation hygiene products each year.

Beyond being cost-prohibitive, different populations of women and girls face unique challenges in accessing menstrual hygiene products. The Menstrual Equity for All Act aims to address these challenges by:

  • Giving states the option to use federal grant funds to provide students with free menstrual hygiene products in schools;
  • Ensuring that inmates and detainees incarcerated in federal (including immigration detention centers), state, and local facilitates have access to free menstrual hygiene products;
  • Allowing homeless assistance providers to use grant funds that cover shelter necessities (such as blankets and toothbrushes) to also use those funds to purchase menstrual hygiene products;
  • Allowing individuals to use their own pre-tax dollars from their health flexible spending accounts to purchase menstrual hygiene products;
  • Requiring that Medicaid covers the cost of menstrual hygiene products for recipients;
  • Directing large employers (with 100 or more employees) to provide free menstrual hygiene products for their employees
    in the workplace; and
  • Requiring all public federal buildings, including buildings on the Capitol campus, provide free menstrual hygiene products in the restrooms.

To cosponsor this legislation or for any questions, please contact Helen Beaudreau of my staff at or 202-225-2601.



Grace Meng

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