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Opponents of H.R. 1146: American Chemistry Council, American Council of Engineering Companies, American Forest & Paper Association, American Gas Association, American Iron and Steel Institute, American Petroleum Institute,
American Pipeline Contractors Association, Consumer Energy Alliance, Distribution Pipeline Contractors Association, Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance, Independent Petroleum Association of America, International Association of Drilling Contractors,
International Association of Geophysical Contractors, International Union of Operating Engineers, Laborers’ International Union of North America, National Association of Manufacturers, National Ocean Industries Association, National Utility Contractors Association,
Offshore Marine Service Association, Portland Cement Association, Power and Communications Contractors Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Oil and Gas Association

Dear Colleague,

Opposition to H.R. 1146 is growing, and bad bills make for strange bedfellows. United against this disastrous bill are labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The International Union of Operating Engineers said that this bill “not only jeopardizes
long-term energy production in the United States; it also threatens thousands of American manufacturing and construction jobs.”

The Laborers’ International Union of North America, International Association of Drilling Contractors, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and 19 other trade associations came together to sign

this letter
in opposition to H.R. 1146. In the letter, they state “…when the government chooses to arbitrarily and permanently close off areas to exploration and potential development, we simply increase our dependence on foreign oil.”

We can no longer rely on Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and other unstable foreign regimes for our energy needs. The International Energy Agency
World Energy Outlook in 2018 showed that even under the most aggressive renewables scenario, the U.S. would still rely on oil and natural gas to meet over 50% of its energy needs in 2040.

We need to develop our resources at home. In Alaska alone, the oil industry supports over 110,000 direct and indirect jobs. Washington State is home to five oil refineries that process billions of dollars of Alaska crude. Shutting down ANWR before production
begins takes good, well-paying jobs off the table. These jobs aren’t limited to Alaskans – people come from around the country to work on Alaska’s North Slope.

I urge you to stand with labor and oppose this bill.


Congressman for All Alaska

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