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Dear Colleague: 


I invite you to become a co-sponsor
, a resolution expressing concern over the disappearance of Austin Tice, a former Marine Corps Captain and freelance journalist from Houston, Texas. 

Mr. Tice had completed two years at Georgetown Law School and published in The Washington Post, McClatchy newspapers, Agence France-Presse and other news outlets. In May of 2012, Mr. Tice went to Syria as a freelance journalist
to tell the story of the ongoing conflict there. He was abducted after being detained at a checkpoint in Damascus. A month later, a 43-second video emerged with the title, “Austin Tice is Alive.” It showed Austin being held by a group of unidentified men with
assault rifles, and there has been no contact with his captors since. 

We can only guess what horrors Mr. Tice has been through the past seven years. Mr.
Tice was not a combatant. Yet, he has faced the same dangers of conflict, hostile governments and rapacious bandits while attempting to report to the world. According to Reporters Without Borders, 239 journalists and 17 of their assistants are currently known
to be imprisoned for their work. We must act now to save lives of journalists across the world. 

The Tice family and the U.S. government strongly believe Austin Tice is still alive. Please join me in expressing concern
over the disappearance of Austin Tice. We want him to come back home. To become a co-sponsor, please contact Niha Razi at




Al Green 

Member of Congress 


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