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Dear Colleagues:

I hope to earn your support for my bill (H.R.1137) to prevent the President diverting funds from Army Corps civil works projects to build his border wall under a national emergency
declaration. Some $37.7 billion is at risk for civil works projects in nearly every state and U.S. territory.

Earlier this year, President Trump reviewed a list of Army Corps projects funded by supplemental disaster-recovery money. Together, these civil works projects total more than

$13.9 billion
appropriated by Congress for communities nationwide recovering from hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. Raiding such funds would endanger communities in many of our districts and undermine Congress’s constitutional authority.

My bill would simply strike a section from the Water Resources Development Act of 1986
(33 U.S.C. 2293), which authorizes the Executive Branch to unilaterally re-program Army Corps civil works funds during Presidentially declared national emergencies. According to the Congressional
Research Service, no president has ever invoked this 1986 provision originally intended for civil defense during the Cold War. Striking this antiquated authority would safeguard funds appropriated by Congress for Army Corps civil works projects, now
and forever.

I invite all Members—Democrats and Republicans—to join me in cosponsoring this bill reasserting Congress’s constitutional authority to appropriate federal funds. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to earn your support on this critical legislation.



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