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With the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission still in the minds of many Americans, it is important that the United States continue to be a leader in space for the 21st century. That is why I am introducing a bill to establish
a new position of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space within the Department of Defense.

Russia and China are mounting an increasingly militaristic posture in space. A Defense Intelligence Agency report from February of this year detailed the aggressive steps both countries are taking, including the development of laser weapons and anti-satellite
missiles.  It is critical that the United States does not cede ground to our adversaries who may wish us harm.

This companion legislation to Senator Ted Cruz’s bill would help ensure the Pentagon adequately prioritizes a robust defensive posture in space to protect ourselves and our allies from unwarranted aggression, and would help maintain the United States as
the world leader in space.

If you have any questions or to cosponsor, please contact my Legislative Director at or 5-2811.





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