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Dear Colleague:

This August marked the seventh year of Austin Tice’s captivity in Syria. Austin, a veteran Marine Corps Captain who served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, was working as a freelance journalist the summer before his final year at Georgetown University
Law Center when he was detained at a checkpoint outside Damascus. Following his capture, a video was released online showing Austin held by a group of unidentified armed men. Since then, securing his release and safe return to the Tice family has been a bipartisan
priority for the United States government.

The recent releases of Sam Goodwin, an American, and Kristian Baxter, a Canadian, from captivity in Syria  have been encouraging signs for freeing Austin. Marc and Debra Tice, Austin’s parents, will be visiting Washington D.C. this month to meet with officials
of the Trump Administration and raise public awareness of their son’s captivity. The Tice family’s unyielding perseverance and hope for the safe return of their son continues to inspire us all. We invite you to join us in sending a letter to President Trump
urging continued efforts to free Austin and return him to his family. Thank you for your consideration. 

Please Respond by COB September 19th. 

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ELIOT L. ENGEL                              MICHAEL T. McCAUL                       AL GREEN



The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Trump:

It has now been more than seven years since Austin Tice, a veteran Marine Corps Captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained at a checkpoint near Damascus, Syria while working in the country as a freelance journalist. This talented young man
is an Eagle Scout who began college at the University of Houston at the age of 16, received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, proudly served his country as a Marine, and was about to begin his final year at Georgetown
University Law Center. At the time of his capture, Austin was preparing to return home after having spent the summer covering the suffering of the Syrian people as a freelance reporter. Austin’s lifelong dedication to serving others represents the best of
our country’s ideals and values.

The Tice family and your own administration are confident that Austin is alive. We strongly urge that you continue to use the full weight of your national security team — including dispatching the Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs, Robert O’Brien — to secure
his release. Seven years is simply too long for Austin to be separated from his loved ones. 

The recent releases of American Sam Goodwin and Canadian Kristian Baxter from their captivity in Syria are encouraging developments. These events lead us to believe that there is a strong prospect of finally securing Austin’s safe return.

Congress remains united in our commitment to supporting any and all constructive efforts to bring Austin home to his family. We urge you to make Austin’s immediate and safe return a priority. 


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