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Become a Cosponsor of H.R. 532, Alternatives to Detention Act of 2019

Endorsed by: The National Education Association, The Immigration Hub, Amnesty International USA, National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Project on Government Oversight, Congregation of Our Lady
of Charity of the Good Shepherd, US Provinces, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, U.S. Committee for Refugees, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

116th Cosponsors: (45) Aguilar, Bishop, Butterfield, Carbajal,
Cardenas, Carson, Cisernos, Clarke, Clay, Cleaver, Clyburn, Cohen,
Espaillat, Gallego, Garcia (IL), Garcia (TX), Gomez, Green, Haaland, Hastings, Huffman, Jackson Lee, Johnson Jr.,
Khanna, Lawson, Lee (CA), Levin, Lewis, McCollum, McGovern,
McNerney, Meeks, Norton, Omar, Pingree, Richmond, Rush, Sanchez, Schakowsky, Soto, Takano, Veasey, Watson Coleman

Dear Colleague:

The Trump Administration is manufacturing a crisis on our southern border as more children and families are arriving at the border from Central America, many seeking asylum. At the beginning of the year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reiterated
its demand to terminate the Flores Settlement Agreement, which stops the indefinite imprisonment of children separated from their families. Until they get this authority, the Administration is operating family detention centers – where families can be held
in inhumane conditions for years awaiting their hearings.

Children should be in school, learning sports, and playing with friends, not behind bars. We have to reject this un-American ‘handcuffs for all’ strategy. That’s why I have re-introduced the Alternatives to Detention Act to keep families out of indefinite

This bill requires DHS to use alternatives to detention for vulnerable immigrant populations. It will allow families to wait in community-based settings while having regular check-ins with caseworkers. We should not have trafficking victims, pregnant women,
those with disabilities, and, perhaps most abhorrently, young children being detained and incarcerated while waiting for their cases to go through our already backlogged immigration system. 

Families belong together and utilizing alternatives to detention is a commonsense and effective solution. According to a 2017 DHS report, use of these alternatives resulted in a 100% success rate of families appearing for their asylum hearings. 

This legislation is a practical, immediate step we can take to solve the crisis that has been created at the border and ensure the administration can never jail children indefinitely. 

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact Hannah Cooper (, 5-8699). 




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