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Join the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act


Dear Colleague,


Please join us in supporting the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act of 2019. This bipartisan bill would direct the Social Security Administration (SSA) to revise outdated criteria for determining Social Security Disability and waive the two-year waiting period
for Medicare coverage for individuals disabled by Huntington’s Disease.


Today, approximately 30,000 Americans have Huntington’s disease and about 200,000 children of an affected parent have a fifty percent change of inheriting Huntington’s disease. A rare but devastating disease, Huntington’s causes total physical and mental
deterioration, forcing every person with the disease to eventually become dependent on others for care. Psychological and behavioral symptoms typically appear in the mid-30s, years before any physical symptoms truly manifest. Eventually, employment and income
are lost during prime working years.


The HD Parity Act would provide access to care for Huntington’s disease patients when it will make the greatest impact on their lives and families. Currently, once a person with Huntington’s disease becomes eligible for Social Security Disability benefits,
there is a two-year waiting period for Medicare benefits. The legislation would waive the two-year waiting period and ensure that people with Huntington’s disease receive care in the early stages of the disease.


We urge you to join us as we fight for HD families as an original cosponsor of the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act of 2019. Together, we can ensure dignity and security for individuals with HD and their families as they battle this insidious disease.


For more information or to cosponsor, please reach out to Carrie Swope in Congressman Pascrell’s office at or Paul Laurie in Congressman Kinzinger’s office at





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