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The United States’ relationship with our European allies is arguably more important now than at any point since World War II. It is critical we do everything possible to maintain and strengthen our partnership, especially in the face of the 21st century’s
growing threats. 

Since 1999, the Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue has served as the formal exchange organization between the House of Representatives and the European Parliament. 

During the TLD’s biannual meetings, members of the House and the EU Parliament discuss issues of critical importance on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Yet, surprisingly, the TLD has never been formally established by statute. This has led to varying levels of participation by Members of Congress, despite very consistent and active participation by our European counterparts. 

Please consider cosponsoring H.R. 4105 – The Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue Enhancement Act – to expand the TLD’s role in maintaining the EU-US partnership.

This bipartisan legislation would allow the Speaker and the Minority Leader to appoint a set number of TLD delegation seats in each Congress. In addition, it would add representation from the Senate for the first time. There is no additional spending associated
with these changes as the TLD is already fully funded.  

Together, these reforms will ensure continued participation from both houses of Congress for years to come and help lay the groundwork for continued partnership, cooperation and peace.  

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor this bipartisan legislation, please contact Bradley Hart at or extension 53341.

Jim Costa
Member of Congress
Chair, Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue

Mark Meadows
Member of Congress
Vice Chair, Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue

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