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Please cosponsor my bill H.R. 4135 to require the removal of a statue of Confederate General Albert Pike from federal land near Judiciary Square in the District of Columbia.  This statue is different from other Confederate statues elsewhere in the United
States, as it was authorized by Congress in 1898 and paid for, in part, with federal funds.  The Freemasons, of which Pike was a member, donated the majority of the funds needed to build and install the statue in 1901. 

Pike served dishonorably and was forced to resign from the Confederate Army in disgrace.  It was found that soldiers under his command mutilated the bodies of Union soldiers and Pike was ultimately imprisoned after his fellow Confederate officers reported
that he misappropriated funds.  Adding to the dishonor of taking up arms against the United States, Pike dishonored even his Confederate military service.  He certainly has no claim to be memorialized in the nation’s capital.  Even those who do not want Confederate
statues removed would have a difficult time justifying the Pike statue, especially considering his history. 

Confederate statues should be removed to more appropriate settings, such as museums or cultural institutions, to avoid erasing an important part of history from which Americans must continue to learn.  I have met with the Freemasons, who have said publicly
that they support the statue’s removal, given its divisive nature.  The D.C. Mayor and the Council also support the removal of the statue, and my bill prohibits the use of federal funds to remove the Pike statue. 

If you would like to cosponsor, or have questions, please contact Blake Paradis in my office at (202) 225-8050 or

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