Sending Office: Honorable James A. Himes
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Current signers: Himes, EstesFitzpatrick, Krishnamoorthi, Brownley

Dear Colleague,

Please join me and Congressman Estes in signing onto a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer asking that the Administration consider restoring India’s eligibility under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program. The Administration
terminated India’s GSP benefits on June 5th after a series of failed negotiations.

GSP is a 45-year-old program that promotes economic development abroad and in the United States. Congress showed the strong bipartisan support for GSP when it reauthorized the program for three years in 2018, including a nearly unanimous 400-2 vote in the
House of Representatives.

GSP saved American companies over $1 billion in eliminated tariffs in 2018. India’s inclusion in GSP was responsible for a quarter of those savings. Most GSP imports from India are raw materials and parts that help American companies and workers compete
in today’s global economy.

Since GSP was terminated, companies looking to expand their market access in India have not been able to capitalize on potential opportunities or move forward on proposed investments. Firms that enjoyed tariff-free imports for years have paid tens of millions
of dollars in just two months.

President Trump met with President Modi during the G20 Summit in Osaka and both agreed to restart staff-level negotiations. Several USTR representatives traveled to India shortly after, and reports indicate that a high-level Indian delegation may meet with
Ambassador Lighthizer in August to discuss outstanding trade issues

The letter recommends that Ambassador Lighthizer consider an “early harvest” approach that reinstates some GSP benefits if India removes specific barriers. It would ensure that long-sought market access gains for U.S. industries are not held up by negotiations
over remaining issues, thereby providing swift relief for both American exporters and importers. Resolving some individual issues quickly could build momentum for future successes.

If you have any questions or would like to sign, please contact Nicholas Larsen ( in Rep. Himes’ office or Nicholas O’Boyle (
in Rep. Estes’ office by COB Friday, September 6.