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Honor the Legacy of the Fisk University Jubilee Singers  

Become A Cosponsor of the Jubilee Day Resolution


Dear Colleague:

write to ask that you join me in cosponsoring a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Jubilee Day, which is celebrated on October 6th
of every year by the Fisk University community.

In 1866,
the Fisk Free Colored School was founded in Nashville,
Tennessee as an educational institution that would be open to all, regardless of race or age.
 A group of students in 1871 formed a choral group, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, with the goal of raising money in an
effort to save the institution from economic hardship. That same year, the Fisk Jubilee Singers toured the United States and Europe and raised enough funds to not only preserve the university, but also to pay for the construction of Jubilee Hall. Jubilee
Hall was the first permanent structure to be built for the education of African
American students in the South.

Not only did the Jubilee Singers keep Fisk University from closing, but they introduced spirituals of enslaved Africans to an international audience.

Since its founding, Fisk has educated countless intellectuals, artists,
and civic leaders and has played a pivotal role in the advancement of education for African
American students. None of its accomplishments would have been possible without the talents and sacrifices of that first group of nine students. I urge
you to join me in this
year’s celebration of Jubilee Day, by cosponsoring this resolution to honor the hard work, perseverance, and accomplishments of the original Jubilee Singers,
as well as those who
followed in their path, including those who continue to tour today.

If you have any questions or would like cosponsor
the resolution, please contact Jessica Gumucio at
or 5-1313.




Alcee L. Hastings

Member of Congress


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