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Join us for a Discussion on the Discriminatory Factors Auto Insurance Companies Utilize in Setting Price



1:00 – 2:00PM

1302 Longworth HOB


Dear Colleagues,

Please join us today as we hold a briefing to discuss the discriminatory factors auto insurance companies use when setting prices for their customers. Many Americans would be surprised to learn that auto insurance companies can set insurance rates or even
deny coverage based on factors completely unrelated to an individual’s driving record, miles driven, or driving experience. Factors such as level of education completed, whether a person rents or owns their home, gender, marital status, type of job, where
you live, or how long they have been employed carry significant weight in insurance company pricing decisions.

The differences in rates can be stark. For example, the Consumer Federation of America conducted a survey on this issue through a mystery shopper program. They found that when two customers with identical profiles sought auto insurance quotes, a blue-collar
factory worker with a high school diploma would be quoted a coverage rate of more than $300 higher than a white-collar customer. Elsewhere, Consumer Reports conducted a similar survey and found that on average, drivers with “good” credit scores paid $214 more
per year than drivers with “excellent” scores, the drivers with poor credit scores could pay thousands more per year than those with the highest credit scores. These types of disparities result in higher insurance premiums for low-income and working-class
Americans, simply because they are low-income or working class. These decisions are discriminatory and have no place in the business decisions that impact the lives of millions of Americans. Please join us as we discuss these issues with experts in the field:


WHAT:          Briefing on Auto Insurance Discrimination

WHERE:       1302 Longworth House Office Building

WHEN:          TODAY

                        1:00 – 2:00PM

WHO:             Steve Brobeck, Consumer Federation of America

                        Eric Poe, CURE Auto Insurance

                        Prof. Daniel Schwarcz, University of Minnesota Law School


Staff and interns are welcome to attend. To RSVP, please fill out this form

For more information please contact either Brad Korten [ 5-5801] from Rep. Watson Coleman’s office, Brien Courchene [ 5-52305] from Rep. Takano’s office, or Chastity Murphy [
5-5126] from Rep. Tlaib’s office.




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