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Strengthening U.S. Olympics Act

H.R. 3303:

Cosponsors: DeGette, Brooks, Lamborn, McAdams, Panetta

Washington PostLarry
Nassar is in jail, but only one USOC official was fired? Yes, we need reform

Endorsing Organizations

United States Olympic Committee Athletes Advisory Council, USA Track and Field Athletes Advisory Council

Endorsing Olympians and Individuals

  • Col. Michael T. Harrigan, USMC (Ret.), Presidents Commission on Olympic Sports, Executive Director
  • Rob Koehler, former World Anti-Doping Agency Director of Education, current Director General of Global Athlete
  • Nancy Hogshead-Makar, 3x Olympic gold medalist, CEO of ChampionWomen
  • Rosemarie Aquilina, 30th Circuit Court Judge, Ingham County, Michigan (Sentenced Larry Nassar to Life in Prison)
  • Caroline Lind, 2x Olympic gold medalist
  • BJ Bedford, Olympic gold medalist
  • Norm Bellingham, Olympic gold medalist, and former Chief Operating Officer of the USOPC,
  • Troy Dumais, Olympic bronze medalist
  • Bob Balk, 6x Paralympian medalist
  • Keith Sanderson, Three-time Olympian
  • Sarah Will, 12-time Paralympic Medalist and Olympic Hall of Fame inductee
  • Katie Uhlaender, 4x Olympian and World Champion
  • Greta Neimanas, Paralympian
  • Sarah Elijah Scherer, 2x Olympian
  • Bill Roy, Olympian, former Chief Operating Officer of USA Shooting,
  • Sam Kavanagh, Paralympian
  • Eli Bremer, Olympian
  • Jeff Olson, 2x Olympian
  • Cale Simmons, Olympian
  • Nathan Schrimsher, Olympian
  • Jim Galanes, 3x Olympian


Dear Colleague,

Over the past several decades, the Olympic movement has strayed from its roots. The time is now to take a serious look at the USOPC and if it is fulfilling its mission as outlined by the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act. As several Congressional and private
investigations revealed, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee officials were more concerned with protecting the Olympics brand and producing medals than athlete’s health and wellbeing. The time is right to take an Olympics wide accounting of the
underlying culture that lead to the multiple sexual abuse scandals plaguing the Olympics community.
A Congressionally mandated Commission will allow experts in sports governance, coaching, child welfare and abuse to address these issues in a timely manner, free from politics


In September 2016, Rachael Denhollander, a former gymnast, made the first accusations of sexual abuse against Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics national team doctor, Larry Nassar. Since then, over 250 women and girls have accused Nassar of abusing
them. After three separate criminal convictions, Nassar will serve a minimum of 100 years in prison as a result of his actions, which went unchecked for far too long. Prior to the Nasser scandal there were additional reports of similar conduct in multiple
sports, including swimming, taekwondo, figure skating and many more that failed to gain popular attention.

Scope of Commission

Once established, the Commission shall conduct a study on matters relating to the state of the United States participation in the Olympic and Paralympic games, including:

  • An assessment of whether the board of the USOPC includes diverse members, including athletes.
  • An assessment of participation levels in the Olympic and Paralympic movement.
  • An assessment of the USOPC licensing agreement.
  • An evaluation of the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and NGB responsiveness to athletes.
  • An assessment of whether the United States Center for SafeSport has the resources to adequately respond to cases of bullying, harassment, sexual assault in sports under USOPC jurisdiction.
  • An assessment of whether the United States Center for SafeSport has the proper authorities to properly audit and provide oversight of the USOPC and NGBs.
  • An assessment of the finances and financial organization of the USOPC.

Historical Precedent

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee has its power vested in a federal charter that was granted by Congress in 1950. Prior to 1972 Munich Games, The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the U.S.
Olympic Committee all competed with one another to find the best talent for competitions. In 1975, President Gerald Ford, after witnessing Team USA lose the overall medal count to the Soviet Union in 1972, established the Presidents Commission on Olympic Sports
to reform the U.S. Olympic Movement and put Team USA under one organization. Since 1978, Congress, which has jurisdiction over the USOPC due to the federal charter, has only exercised sporadic oversight of the Olympic movement, with the most recent revision
to the Amateur Sports Act occurring over 20 years ago in 1998.

Please reach out to Matthew Allen at or (202)-225-4431 in Rep. DeGette’s office if you have any questions or would like to become a cosponsor.



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