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Original Cosponsors: S. Maloney, Fitzpatrick, Van Drew,
Wittman, Pocan, Hunter, Napolitano, P. King, Barragán, Brownley, Larsen, Lowenthal, Golden, Watson Coleman, Courtney, Norcross

2018 Cosponsors:
Hunter, Courtney, Wittman, Lowenthal, Barragan, Brownley, Napolitano, Norcross, Larsen, Pocan,
King, Panetta, Watson Coleman, Sherman, DeFazio, Ryan

2017 Cosponsors:
Hunter, Brown, Brownley, DeSaulnier, Lowenthal, Barragan, Fitzpatrick

Endorsements: Alliance for American Manufacturing; American Iron and Steel Institute; American Shipbuilding Suppliers Association; American Maritime Officers; American Maritime Officers Service; Council of American Master Mariners; International
Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM); International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW); International Organization of Masters, Mates, and
Pilots Maritime Union; International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT); Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association; Maritime Institute for Research and Development (MIRAID); Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO; Navy League of the United States; Offshore
Marine Service Association; Propeller Club of Northern California; Sailors’ Union of the Pacific; Shipbuilders Council of America; Seafarers International Union of North America; Transportation Trades Department AFL-CIO; Transportation Institute; United Steelworkers

Dear Colleague,

Our U.S.-flag international fleet—comprised of commercial vessels built and flagged in the United States and owned and operated by U.S. citizens—is in a state of precipitous decline. This important force has dwindled from 1,200 ships just after
World War II to fewer than 80 today. Only 1 percent of America’s ocean-going foreign trade travels on U.S.-flag vessels. Join me in reversing this troubling trend by cosponsoring the “Energizing American Shipbuilding Act.”

With crude oil export restrictions lifted in December 2015 and domestic natural gas production booming, U.S. exports are projected to increase substantially in the coming years. Unless Congress acts,
all crude oil and LNG exports by ship will be on foreign-flagged vessels, built in heavily subsidized foreign shipyards, operated by foreign crews. Exports of these two strategic energy assets should be on U.S.-flag vessels that employ American
mariners, built in American shipyards.

There is strong precedent for this important policy. In 1995, Congress enacted the Alaska Power Administration Asset Sale and Termination Act (Public Law 104-58), allowing the export of crude oil from Alaska’s North Slope requiring that those
exports not increase domestic gasoline prices and be transported on U.S.-flag vessels to preserve the tanker fleet essential to our national defense. It was good policy then, and it is good policy now.

Our military depends on the Merchant Marine for over 95 percent of our national defense sealift needs. We cannot rely upon ships flagged in other countries to provide the necessary movement of strategic materials. The United States must rebuild
the capability of its fleet to meet our military and commercial needs, both critical to our national and economic security.

To be added as an original cosponsor or for questions regarding the bill, please have your staff contact in my office. Thank you for your consideration.



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