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Dear Colleague:

We write to invite you to join the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus.  The Caucus serves as an informal group of Members dedicated to highlighting how modeling and simulation technology can be utilized across the public and private
sectors to solve critical and complex problems and save taxpayers money. 

In today’s world of tight budgets, limited access to physical training areas, and other complex challenges, modeling and simulation technology has many valuable applications and allows the ability to build and develop models of complex systems
to see how certain actions affect the end result.  Doctors and medical students can train for complex medical procedures with hands-on simulation surgeries.  Disaster preparedness professionals can prepare for future natural disasters by modeling the impact
of certain weather patterns and earthquakes on a state’s infrastructure.  Transportation planners can ensure that transportation projects increase capacity and alleviate congestion by using modeling and simulation to analyze road and public transit projects.
Our men and women in uniform can maintain readiness by training in simulated, lifelike battle scenarios to refine their skills and improve their combat effectiveness.  By using modeling and simulation, we are able to save money and make sure decision makers
in the public and private sectors are making smart decisions long before they are actually implemented.

Modeling and simulation is one of the fastest growing industries in the county that will impact nearly every sector of our nation’s economy.  That is why we encourage you to join the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus to help us develop
and support legislation and policies that will ensure that this important technology sector is better utilized across the private and public sectors.  To join the Caucus, please contact either Allen Jones or Christina Ingram (Rep. Bobby Scott), Gabriel Cruz
(Rep. Stephanie Murphy), Nicholas Vance (Rep. John Rutherford), or David Allen (Rep. Martha Roby).   



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