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Dear Colleague,

We are reaching out to you as co-chairs of the Financial Security Caucus, (formerly known as the Financial Security and Life Insurance Caucus).  Policymakers and families face unprecedented challenges, as 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day over the
next 11 years. In addition, Americans are living longer, underestimating their life expectancy, and do not have traditional pensions to rely on for lifetime income.

The pressures placed on the public safety net are growing. Now more than ever, families need solutions to help them build their own personal financial safety nets. Public policy should encourage Americans to save more, plan ahead, and protect their financial
and retirement security. Life insurers’ products protect families from the impact of certain financial risks, such as mortality, disability, and long-term care needs. And life insurers deliver income guarantees through annuities that address longevity—the
risk of outliving your retirement savings.

As Congress looks to enhance financial and retirement security, we will work on a bipartisan basis to ensure that public policy encourages responsible financial decision-making for families.

To advance these policy objectives, we ask that you join us as a member of the
Financial Security Caucus. If you are already a member of the Caucus, thank you! We will assume that you would like to remain a member unless we hear from you otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Angela Franklin (Rep.
Al Lawson) at 202-225-0123 or Joanna Brown (Rep. Tim Walberg) at 202-225-6276.


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Donald Norcross                                                                           Tim Walberg

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