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Cosponsor H.R. 2153 to Keep Girls in School Worldwide

Dear Colleague,

We urge you to cosponsor the Keeping Girls in School Act, bipartisan legislation we introduced to support increased access to education for girls worldwide.

Across the world, 130 million girls are not regularly enrolled in school. While U.S. development efforts have helped close the gender gap for primary education in most countries, significant gaps remain with respect to secondary education. When girls hit
adolescence, they are most at risk of dropping out due to forced marriage, pregnancy, harassment and violence encountered when traveling to school, family pressures, and other obstacles.

The Keeping Girls in School Act authorizes a budget neutral funding mechanism to enable USAID to enter into projects to reduce these barriers adolescent girls face in attaining secondary education. Eligible proposals will utilize public-private partnerships,
development impact bonds, and other innovative financing mechanisms to reduce these barriers to leverage real results with measureable outcomes. The legislation also requires that the U.S. Global Strategy to Empower Adolescent Girls be reviewed and
updated every 5 years.

When girls are educated, they uplift their communities, reduce poverty, and create a more peaceful and prosperous world. Specifically, keeping girls in secondary school could:

  • Add $92 billion to the economies of low and middle-income nations[i]
  • Cut child mortality by three-quarters[ii]
  • Reduce child marriage by two-thirds[iii]
  • Decrease violent conflict by over one-third,[iv] and
  • Raise a girls’ future wages by up to one-fourth for every year of secondary school attended.[v]

We must break down the barriers that exist around the world that keep girls out of the classroom. To foster a better future for all, girls’ education and development must be prioritized. When we stand up for women and girls around the world, we help empower
them to raise their voices, seize opportunities and reach new heights.

For more information, or to cosponsor, please contact Daniel Bleiberg at with Rep. Lois Frankel or Erin McMenamin at with
Rep. Susan W. Brooks. Please note we will be adding Democratic and Republican Members in pairs.



LOIS FRANKEL                                           SUSAN W. BROOKS

Member of Congress                                      Member of Congress

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