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The Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Economic Development (SEEED) Commission Act

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Throughout the United States, social entrepreneurship has gained increasing recognition as a movement and an economic phenomenon that benefits our economy and creates jobs. As a former Mayor, I am all too familiar with many of the difficult and sometime
overwhelming challenges facing our local communities. But our social entrepreneurs are transforming society in ways traditional systems and government programs cannot, which makes it imperative that policymakers recognize and support social enterprises.

The SEEED Commission Act is a step toward recognizing the importance of social enterprises to our society and our economy, and identifying how we can support a social enterprise “ecosystem” in our country. This commission will bring together administrators
from a multitude of federal departments and agencies to study and identify ways the federal government can support and utilize social enterprises.

Social entrepreneurship is a bipartisan approach to address challenges in new, innovative, and sustainable ways. Not only are social entrepreneurs delivering environmental and societal benefits, but these economic engines are creating jobs, revitalizing
our neighborhoods and rebuilding our communities.

That’s why we need to level the playing field for social entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand their small business social enterprises. Just as traditional small businesses form the backbone of our economy, we must also acknowledge that our small business
social enterprises are helping to support, strengthen, and grow the economy. Our social entrepreneurs have the talent, drive, and ability to leverage a small amount of dollars into enough resources to identify, invent, and implement solutions to some of the
most pressing challenges in our communities.

If you would like additional information or would like to cosponsor, please contact Ross Brennan at 5-4911 or


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