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Cosponsor the Readable Legislation Act and the Searchable Legislation Act

Dear Colleague:

Please join me in increasing the transparency and accountability of the House by cosponsoring the Readable Legislation Act (H.R. 3402) and the Searchable
Legislation Act (H.R. 3403).

The Readable Legislation Act requires every bill to show the changes the bill makes to the full text of existing sections of law the bill repeals or amends. A bill that changes existing law can be difficult to understand. Without context,
provisions to strike text, repeal sections, or insert new language provide little meaningful information about what the bill does.

Reproducing amended sections of law in bills is common practice in state legislatures. In fact, 48 states require this type of formatting, which looks similar to the “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word.

The Searchable Legislation Act requires every bill, resolution, and document produced by Congress to be created, transmitted, and published in searchable electronic formats.

The committee report for the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2013 called for the establishment of a task force to begin the process of transitioning to XML format and making data downloadable in bulk. This task force continues to operate.
The Searchable Legislation Act codifies the task force and expands its mission to include recommending standards on how to produce congressional documents in searchable electronic formats.

We owe our constituents readable and searchable legislation. The Readable Legislation Act will allow members, staff, and constituents to better understand bills. The Searchable Legislation Act will open up the legislative process by increasing access to
congressional documents.

Please contact Kelly Miller ( in my office if you have any questions or want to become a cosponsor of one or both of these pro-transparency bills.


Justin Amash

Member of Congress

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