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Cosponsor H.Res. 367, Promoting Global Environmental Justice


Current Cosponsors: Moore, Jayapal, Omar, Nadler, Case, Cohen, Grijalva, Norton, Clarke, Kirkpatrick


Dear Colleagues:

I invite you to join as a cosponsor of
H.Res. 367
, Recognizing that climate change most severely impacts vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in the United States and around the world, and that it is the responsibility of the United States Government to work with its global partners to promote
environmental justice and climate justice.

This resolution is a mission statement. It serves to recognize that communities of color, indigenous communities, and other disadvantaged communities face disproportionate impacts of climate change – a fact that we must not forget as we move forward with
vital legislation to mitigate climate change. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America makes this incredibly clear, stating that Black and Hispanic individuals in the United States face
56 percent and 63 percent more exposure to air pollution, respectively, that is caused by their consumption of goods and services that generate fine particulate-matter.

This resolution is a global resolution because climate change is a global problem. It fuels political instability around the world, compounds global migration and refugee crises, aggravates individual health and the spread of diseases, and magnifies the
damage of natural disasters. But make no mistake, climate change is a local problem as well. In every one of our districts, our constituents are feeling the effects of climate change, and it is the already marginalized – communities of color, indigenous people,
farmers, low-income families, those with preexisting conditions – that face the most severe and disproportionate impacts of climate change.

I invite you to join me in asserting that marginalized, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised communities in our districts and around the globe must not be forgotten as we advance crucial legislation on climate change.

If you would like to be added as a cosponsor or have any questions, please contact David Kimelman in my office at



Adriano Espaillat
Member of Congress
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