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Dear Colleague,

Please join me as a cosponsor of H.R. 92, the Vote By Mail Act of 2019
that amends the amend the Help America Vote Act of (HAVA) 2002 to require states to mail ballots to all eligible voters in Federal elections at least two weeks before the election. Every registered American voter would then have the ability to return
their ballots through the mail, using prepaid envelopes, or drop them off at secure predetermined drop-off locations like a public library or county elections office.

This bill also updates the National Voting Registration Act of 1993 to shift the burden of registration from the individual to the government. It calls on state governments to collaborate with state motor vehicle agencies to maintain updated voter registration
rolls for all citizens who apply for a driver’s license and who do not ask to remain unregistered.

The individual right to vote, the cornerstone of our democracy, is under threat in communities across America. Since 2010, 25 states have put new restrictions in place to make it harder to vote. In 2016, 14 states had new restrictions in place for the first
time in a presidential election. These restrictions have historically targeted low-income voters and people of color.

Expanding vote-by-mail is a clear and cost-effective measure to make voting easier, not harder. Mail-in voting states Oregon, Washington, and Colorado regularly have among the highest voter turnout in the country with 61.5%, 58.9%, and 63%, respectively,
in the 2018 midterm elections.

To become a cosponsor of this legislation, please contact Jon Bosworth ( in my office.  



Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress
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