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Join me in fighting against the diversion of 911 fees.  Many of you may not even realize that on each mobile phone bill, a 911 or enhanced 911 fee is included.  These fees are set and collected by states or localities and were meant for strengthening emergency
services across the state. 

In its most recent report, the Federal Communications Commission identified 6 states and one territory that use 911 fees for purposes other than emergency services.  The diverting states are New York,
Montana, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Nevada, and West Virginia, with the diverting territory being the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For example, New York collects the highest fee and was found to divert nearly 41% of the collected fees into the Governor’s general fund.  States who divert are ineligible for enhanced 911 grants, further putting their emergency services behind and putting
their communities at risk.

With new technologies constantly emerging, we must stop the diversion of 911 fees and ensure that our Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) are getting the funds they need to remain fully capable to answer and act on any and all emergencies that come in.

This legislation, introduced by myself and Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo, simply directs the FCC, in consultation with public safety organizations, and state, local and tribal governments, to determine the appropriate use of funds collected from consumers.
Currently, states are able to set their own definition of what is a covered cost for 9-1-1 fees, which has allowed them to divert fees. 

Please contact Erynn Hook in Congressman Chris Collins office with any questions or to co-sponsor,


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