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Original cosponsors: Rep. Max Rose, Rep. Adriano Espaillat, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney

Dear Colleague:

Mail fishing, a growing mail theft crime in which thieves “fish” mail out of blue collection boxes, has resulted in many incidents of identity theft and bank fraud. Criminals use a contraption as simple as a string connected to a sticky substance to “fish”
out envelopes from these mailboxes, then open the letters to steal people’s personal information such as bank, credit card, and Social Security numbers. Last year alone, there were 3,000 incidents of mail fishing in New York City. These criminals also engage
in check washing to rewrite the name of the payee and/or the amount. Many of my constituents became victims of bank fraud, some losing thousands of dollars, as a result of having their mail fished.

As the United States Postal Service retrofit some standard mail collection boxes, the crime is shifting to regions without them. We must act to deter mail fishing before this impacts more people across the country.

That is why I am introducing the “Keep Mail Safe Act”, which would require the Postmaster General
to conduct a study on retrofitting all standard mail collection boxes in the United States with narrow mail slots to prevent theft of mail.

It is unacceptable that our constituents cannot safely leave their mail in United States Postal Service mail collection boxes due to the risk of having their identity stolen or thousands of dollars withdrawn from their bank accounts.

For questions or to be an original cosponsor, please contact Jacqueline Hsieh of my staff at or (202) 225-2601.

Rep. Grace Meng
Member of Congress

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