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Dear Colleague,

I ask you to join me in opposition to Rep. Huffman’s amendment, #90 to Division E (Energy/Water), barring the use of funds to finalize the Pebble Project EIS.

My opposition is not based on the mine project. Instead, I am opposed to this amendment because it stops the scientific process created within NEPA to determine the effects of a project like this on the environment. Mr. Huffman claims that the mine will
irreversibly damage the Bristol Bay fishery. The truth is, he can’t know that without allowing the Army Corps to complete their EIS process.

I don’t have an opinion on the mine. I am asking that the Army Corps be allowed to use NEPA, which Democrats regularly call “a bedrock environmental law in this country” and “the environmental Magna Carta”, to determine how the Pebble Project would impact
the environment.

Congress is not a scientific body, and this overt politicization of the scientific process is nothing more than an attack on NEPA.

Oppose this amendment and let science determine whether Pebble should be developed.



Congressman for All Alaska

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