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Please join us in cosponsoring the Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act, which will prohibit the garnishment of Social Security benefits for student loans and most other federal non-tax debt.

After a lifetime of work and contributions, Social Security provides Americans with peace of mind that they can retire with a secure, guaranteed source of income. Because most retirees have modest incomes, and Social Security is the most important source
of income for the majority of beneficiaries, the law has traditionally protected Social Security benefits from garnishment for private debt and most types of federal debt. However, in 1996, Congress enacted the
Debt Collection Improvement Act, allowing garnishment of Social Security benefits for the repayment of federal non-tax debt, including student loans and veterans’ home loans. 

Today, the garnishment of Social Security benefits is happening at an alarming rate. According to a September 2016
GAO report, the number of retirees and people with disabilities whose Social Security benefits were seized by the government to pay off student loans increased more than fivefold between 2002 and

The Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act restores the protected status of Social Security payments by overturning the 1996 law and ensuring Social Security benefits may no longer be garnished to pay off most federal
non-tax debt.

To join as a cosponsor or for further information please contact:
(Rep. Grijalva)



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Raúl M. Grijalva                     John B. Larson                                                Marcia Fudge

Member of Congress              Chairman, Social Security Subcommittee      Member of Congress

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