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Oppose Woodall Amendment (#229) to H.R. 3055

Dear Colleague:

We urge you to oppose amendment #229 offered by Rep. Woodall to Division E, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, of H.R. 3055.

The Woodall amendment strikes Section 193 of the bill. Section 193 ensures that local communities and states that utilize the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program, which offers low interest borrowing for surface transportation
projects, get fair credit for the revenue they provide to fund a project. Section 193 clarifies current law that any loans repaid with non-Federal dollars through the TIFIA program will count as the local share of a project’s cost.

TIFIA loans are not grants – they must be repaid in full, plus interest and fees associated with the loan. States and localities ultimately pay these costs, and all local revenue they dedicate to do so should be part of their required share of the project,
not the federal share. The Woodall amendment wrongly counts local and state dollars as federal dollars.

If enacted, the Woodall amendment will make it difficult, and sometimes unfeasible, for project sponsors to raise sufficient funds to improve critical surface transportation infrastructure. This is particularly true for large transportation projects, for
which the TIFIA program was created by Congress. Particularly in an era of declining direct investment at the federal level, Congress should be making these projects easier to complete, not more difficult.

We urge you to reject the Woodall amendment and support state and local communities trying to advance important transportation projects.


Peter A. DeFazio                                             Eleanor Holmes Norton

Chair of Transportation and Infrastructure     Chair of Highways and Transit Subcommittee

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