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Dear Colleague,

I invite you to join me and Virginia’s entire bipartisan U.S. House delegation in cosponsoring

H.Res. 428
, a resolution honoring the victims of the recent Virginia Beach mass shooting, and

H.R. 3305
, a bill to rename a post office near the site of the shooting after a heroic victim, Keith Cox.

On the morning of Friday, May 31, 12 innocent people – 11 employees of the City of Virginia Beach with over 150 years of combined experience and one contractor – were murdered at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

H.Res. 428 honors the lives of all those murdered in this horrific attack by saying their names and extolling the exemplary lives each of them led. These people lived lives of hope, love, and service to their community, and the least we can do is share their
stories with the American people. The resolution lists the names and describes the lives of each person who was murdered in the shooting, and also recognizes the strength of the police, emergency responders, and wider Virginia Beach community.

H.R. 3305 celebrates the special heroism displayed by one of the victims, Keith Cox. When Keith learned that there was an active shooter in his workplace, he guided a group of his coworkers into a small room for shelter. However, Keith did not join them.
Despite pleas from his coworkers to come to safety, Keith insisted on running back out into danger to look for more people to save.

Keith was shot and killed moments later, just outside the room where his coworkers were waiting. The newly-renamed Ryan Keith Cox Post Office will be across the street from Municipal Center Building 2, where Keith sacrificed his life for his colleagues.

Since the shooting, I have had the privilege to bear witness to the strength of Virginia Beach. I saw unbelievable bravery at Sentara Hospital, where I had the honor of visiting a survivor of the shooting. She clasped my hand as I stood at her bedside, and
her strength and resolve were palpable, as she had only narrowly come away alive.

I saw love and hope at heartfelt vigils across our community where people of all faiths joined in prayer to remember those who left us all too soon.

I saw strength among our city leaders and police chief as they addressed our grieving community— determined to remember the 12 we lost far too soon.

With these two pieces of legislation, we will do our small part to show that America will not allow these 12 individuals to be forgotten.

If you are interested in cosponsoring either or both pieces of legislation, please reach out to Jonathan Gerstell in my office at or at 5-4215.



Elaine G. Luria

Member of Congress

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