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Justin Amash

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Dear Colleague:

Please join us in supporting our amendment (Amash-Lofgren
Amendment #24
to Division C of H.R. 2740) to limit the warrantless, unconstitutional collection of Americans’ communications under FISA.

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) gives the government significant authority to search and collect communications, including content, without a warrant. Using this authority, the government has collected billions of communications,
including communications of Americans. The government, including the FBI, can then search this data for an American’s personal communications without getting a warrant and use the data in criminal prosecutions—in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The lack of appropriate safeguards in the government’s procedures for collecting and searching Sec. 702 data threatens Americans’ rights and creates the risk that the authority will be used in biased and inappropriate ways.

Our amendment adds basic safeguards on Sec. 702 to limit the collection of Americans’ communications. This will protect the intended purpose of Sec. 702—collecting foreign intelligence information—while also protecting Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. We
urge your support of the amendment.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Carolyn Iodice ( in Rep. Amash’s office or ZJ Hull ( in Rep. Lofgren’s office.


Justin Amash
Member of Congress

Zoe Lofgren
Member of Congress