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Support Necessary Health Care Resources for Women Veterans

Cosponsor H.R. 3036, Breaking Barriers for Women Veterans Act  


Dear Colleague,

Women have a larger presence in our nation’s military than ever before—now, women make up roughly 10 percent of all veterans, and in 25 years, that number is slated to increase to 16.3 percent. Yet as our women veterans seek health care both within the VA,
and through community care, they are either faced with a lack of equipment and resources suited to their needs, or administrative hurdles due to staffing and training deficiencies.  

As the MISSION Act continues to be implemented, we need to make sure our women veterans are able to receive proper care when they need it, plain and simple.

That is why I urge you to cosponsor H.R. 3036, the Breaking Barriers for Women Veterans Act.
This legislation would direct VA to retrofit existing medical facilities with the proper fixtures and materials to support the provision of care to women veterans. In addition, this bill compels VA to ensure that each of their medical facilities
has not fewer than one full-time or part-time women’s health primary care provider, while also appropriating $1,000,000 each fiscal year for the Women Veterans Health Care Mini-Residency Program and ensuring that providers in the community network are equipped
with training nodules specific to women veterans. To verify that these standards are being met, this bill also instructs VA to conduct a study to make sure that staffing levels specific to women veterans are appropriate.

The bottom line is, women are serving in the military in record numbers–when they come home, the VA needs to be able to properly serve them and their needs. Women veterans shouldn’t have their health put at risk because their local VA facility doesn’t
have a mammogram machine or OB/GYN.

Please join me in bringing the VA into the 21st century. Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime at 5-3371, or contact Hector Colón at to support this legislation.




Max Rose

Member of Congress

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