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Cosponsors (30): McGovern, Smith (NJ), Suozzi, Wagner, Malinowski,
Mast, Sherman, Yoho, Connolly, Chabot, Deutch, Meadows, Wild,
Wilson (SC), Cicciline, Hartzler, Bera, Fitzpatrick, Eshoo,
Gallagher, DeLauro, Allred, Espaillat, Keating, Schrier, Vargas, Torres, Pascrell, McAdams, Kaptur, Levin (MI)

Dear Colleague,

Tuesday, June 4th marks the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. We have introduced

H. Res. 393
, a bipartisan resolution to remember and honor the victims of the violent suppression of the pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square and throughout China, and calling on the Chinese government to respect universally recognized human rights
of all people living in China and around the world.

In the spring of 1989, citizens in China from all walks of life participated in peaceful demonstrations in Beijing and over 400 cities and universities across China. The peaceful demonstrators called for an open dialogue with China’s leaders to eliminate
corruption, accelerate economic and political reform, and protect human rights, particularly the freedoms of expression and assembly. The Chinese government’s violent suppression of the demonstrations, its ongoing censorship of any public discussion of Tiananmen,
and the failure to allow a public accounting of what happened in June 1989, have had far-reaching consequences for Chinese society and U.S.-China relations. 

We expect the resolution to be debated on the suspension calendar during the early afternoon of Tuesday, June 4th.

We are writing to ask you to co-sponsor the resolution and to come to the floor to speak on the resolution.

Also attached is a list of Tiananmen-related events June 1 – June 5 in the Washington, DC area, hosted
by groups of activists, human rights defenders and organizations to commemorate the anniversary.

To schedule a slot to speak on the resolution or to cosponsor, please contact Jon Stivers at or 6-3821 or Piero Tozzi at or 6-3765. 


James P. McGovern

Member of Congress


Christopher H. Smith

Member of Congress




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