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Bring Real Reform to the Health Insurance Industry: Repeal the Antitrust Exemption

Identical legislation (H.R. 372) passed the House of Representatives in the 115th Congress by an overwhelming 416-7 vote.

You can find the bill text for my legislation, the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act (H.R. 1418), here.

Dear Colleague,

I invite you to cosponsor legislation that would protect consumers from health care industry price-gouging by repealing the antiquated exemption that allows health insurers to operate beyond the reach of federal antitrust laws.

The McCarran-Ferguson Act, passed in 1945, exempts the health insurance industry from federal antitrust laws that promote fair competition. This exemption gives insurance companies the power to collude to drive up prices, limit competition, conspire to underpay
doctors and hospitals, and price-gouge consumers.

My legislation, the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act (H.R. 1418), would repeal this exemption and give the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission the authority to apply antitrust laws to anti-competitive behavior by health insurance

It is past time for Congress to rein in skyrocketing health care costs and ensure consumer protections are in place to guard against the health insurance industry’s abuses. I urge you to cosponsor my legislation to make sure that the health insurance industry
is subject to the same rules as virtually every other industry (the only other industry exempt from antitrust laws is Major League Baseball).

If you would like to cosponsor or have any questions, please reach out to Bobby Puckett at or 5-6386.

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