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Current Cosponsors: Austin Scott, Sanford Bishop, TJ Cox, Brian Fitzpatrick, Betty McCollum, Mike Turner, Raul Grijalva, Andy Kim, Jerry McNerney, Brad Sherman, Tom O’Halleran, Ben Lujan, Anthony Brown, Filemon Vela,
Deb Haaland, Scott Peters    

Endorsed by: Military Officers Association of America, Reserve Officers Association, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, Association of the United States Navy, Air Force Sergeants Association

Dear Colleague,

Please join Congressmen John Garamendi (CA-03) and Austin Scott (GA-08) in supporting H.R. 2617, the bipartisan Occupational and Environmental Transparency Health (OATH) Act

Individual exposures to Occupational Environmental Health (OEH) hazards such as mold, caustic fumes, open air burn pits and airborne chemicals are not currently tracked in Active Duty servicemembers’ health records. Currently, if a servicemember is exposed
to an OEH while serving in a deployed location it is not tracked in their health records, creating a gap in data when they transition to veteran status. Because this information is not listed in their Active Duty Health Record, Veterans are unable to file
a claim with the VA based on their exposure. These hazards are tracked in a system called POEMS at every deployed location, but the exposures are not required to be put into a servicemember’s records, leaving out important health information that should be

This bill will require the DoD to input any OEH exposure into the servicemember’s records while deployed, following the servicemember throughout his or her career and into veteran status. Additionally, since many veterans’ health records do not account for
their exposures, the bill would mandate that the DoD and VA retroactively update their records based on information contained in the Burn Pit Registry.

To join as a cosponsor, please contact either Dan Naske in Representative Garamendi’s office at x51880 or John Sullivan in Representative Scott’s office at


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