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Cosponsor H.R. 2755, the Buy America 2.0 Act


Original Cosponsors: Cisneros, Finkenauer, Gallego, Garamendi, Holmes Norton, Kildee, Lamb, Lawrence, Pocan, Sanchez, Sherman, Soto, Veasey


Dear Colleague,

As you know, we face an infrastructure crisis of historic proportions.  Although it’s reassuring to see bipartisan agreement about the need to address this pressing challenge, a truly American infrastructure proposal must also boost American workers.  Despite
all the talk, the President’s infrastructure proposal was silent on Buy America.  So, I introduced H.R. 2755, the Buy America 2.0 Act, to require that all federally-funded infrastructure projects use materials made here in America.  The legislation is supported
by the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, Alliance for American Manufacturing, BlueGreen Alliance, AFL-CIO, and Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO.  I encourage you to sign on as a cosponsor.

This commonsense legislation is the only way to make sure that federal investment to rebuild our infrastructure is also an investment to rebuild the American Dream.  I know firsthand the consequences of our failure to enact legislation to achieve these aims. 
Hundreds of steelworkers in my district face layoffs due to low demand from the transportation and infrastructure sector.  I am proud to fight for legislation to boost demand for quality steel, iron, and other materials made here at home by American workers. 
I hope you will join me in this effort.

The Buy America 2.0 Act extends, ramps up, and fills voids in existing law to establish a 100% Buy America content requirement (steel, iron, manufactured goods) for federally funded transportation and infrastructure projects.  The bill maintains current
exemptions for public interest, availability, and economic feasibility – but imposes a requirement that notification of the granting of such exemptions must be made publicly available online to ensure transparency and guard against abuses.

Specifically, the bill includes:

  1. A general catch-all for any program that does not currently have Buy America/Buy American coverage;
  2. A ramp-up for transit rolling stock (current law is 65 percent; this ramps up to 100 percent by 2026);
  3. Application to the RRIF loan program (no coverage under current law);
  4. A ramp-up for aviation facilities and equipment (current law is 60 percent; this ramps up to 100 percent by 2026); and
  5. It makes Buy America permanent for the Safe Drinking Water Act State Revolving Loan Funds (rather than the current annual appropriations rider).

American infrastructure projects should support American workers.  American tax dollars should be used to create good jobs here at home.

For further information or to cosponsor H.R. 2755, the Buy America 2.0 Act, please contact Ted Steinberg (


Brendan F. Boyle
Member of Congress


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Special Note: the Buy America 2.0 Act

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