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Ensure Afghan Women are Included in Peace Negotiations

Deadline: Monday, May 20

Signers: Frankel, Brooks (Susan), Keating, Maloney (Carolyn), Speier, Grijalva

Dear Colleague,

The dramatic improvement in the lives of Afghan women over the past 18 years has been one of the greatest returns on U.S. investment in Afghanistan. Yet during the February and May talks in Doha between American diplomats and the Taliban, Afghan women were
not represented. This is a serious oversight that threatens these hard-fought gains.

Research shows that when women have a seat at the table, the prospect that peace negotiations will succeed rises significantly. In 2017, Congress unanimously passed, and President Trump signed into law, the Women, Peace, and Security Act, which makes it
U.S. policy to promote women’s meaningful participation in preventing and resolving conflicts. As required under this law, the State Department should ensure that Afghan women have a meaningful seat at the negotiating table.

Ahead of the next round of peace talks, please join us in a letter calling on the Administration to put Afghan women’s inclusion and the preservation of their rights at the center of our diplomatic efforts. For more information or to sign, please contact
Daniel Bleiberg ( / x5-9890) with Rep. Lois Frankel or Erin McMenamin ( / x5-2276) with Rep. Susan


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