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Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for claiming over 250,000 lives each year. Further, millions of dollars are wasted on duplicative or unnecessary tests or procedures. Many of these tragic consequences
– and this waste – could be avoided if up to date information about a patient’s medical history was available at the point of care.

That is why we have introduced H.R. 1390 the Mobile Health Record Act (MHRA).
The bill encourages Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to manage their own medical records through the use of innovative mobile applications. Through the MHRA, beneficiaries would have their health records and medical claims data in the palm of their
hand. This includes medical conditions, detailed prescriptions and diagnoses, lists of tests and rendered services, and the contact and financial information for all of the providers seen by a particular patient. Putting this information in patients’ hands
has the power to transform our health care system. These mobile health records will give patients the tools needed to better coordinate their care, make informed decisions, and receive safer and more cost-effective care wherever they are in their health care

Additionally, H.R. 1390 brings the United States in line with action taken by numerous other countries to ensure that patients have access to their personal medical information. The French government gives patients covered by their national health insurance
system a free mobile application that accesses their claim based medical history. The United Kingdom and Singapore have also made these mobile applications available to patients at no cost to them. Other countries have seen success using mobile health records
and it is time the United States empower patients to have more control over their health care and bring health records into the 21st Century.


H.R.1390, the Mobile Health Record Act:

  • Builds on the work of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by establishing the Mobile Access to Personal Medical Information Program, creating a developer-friendly, standards-based application programming interface (API) that enables beneficiaries
    to take an active role in their health care decision making.
  • Under the Program, the Secretary shall also approve mobile applications for use by Medicare beneficiaries as well as educate Medicare beneficiaries about these mobile applications through existing tools such as, regular mailed notices, and
  • Ensures CMS and other technical experts consider cyber-security and data privacy guidelines and best practices when approving mobile health record technologies for use by Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Clarifies that states may use existing Medicaid federal funding to purchase or build mobile applications that allow Medicaid beneficiaries to access their medical claims data.

Given the many valuable benefits of giving patients access to potentially life-saving medical information and in light of this chamber’s bipartisan support of the 21st Century Cures Act, which included a number of provisions encouraging the use
of mobile health records, we urge you to consider joining us as a cosponsor. If you have any questions or wish to cosponsor the legislation, please contact Erin McMenamin in Rep. Brooks’ office at or Chris Cox in Rep. Clarke’s office at



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