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H.R. 1709, the Scientific Integrity Act

Dear Colleague,

America’s scientific agencies perform an invaluable function for the American people. Their research sheds important light on all aspects of American life, supporting national security enforcement, helping farmers plant smarter and entrepreneurs and investors
find the next market-shifting innovation. Shifting approaches between presidential administrations have thrown this important work into the partisan fray where it does not belong. We have the opportunity to restore the independence of our nation’s scientific
inquiries and safeguard the integrity of federally funded research. This kind of research helps us as a Congress make smarter, more efficient choices about where and how to use our limited resources, and it does the same for state and municipal governments
serving our constituents throughout the country. A scientific process free from political, ideological, or financial pressure is the best and only way to escape our partisan echo chambers, regardless of what party is in power or in the Oval Office, and to
make lasting improvements in our pursuit of sound, fact-based policy that puts the American people first.

This the our goal with the introduction of the Scientific Integrity Act (H.R. 1709) in the 116th Congress. This bill would build a high wall separating public scientific research and reports from the influence of political and
special interests. It would also establish consistent scientific integrity policies across all agencies so scientists, members of Congress and the American people know what to expect from important federal research. More than 20 federal agencies have developed
some form of scientific integrity policy to-date but standards remain inconsistent.

The Scientific Integrity Act:

  • Formalizes and reinforces policies that require federal agencies that conduct or fund scientific research to maintain clear scientific integrity principles   
  • Affirms that science dictates policy, and that scientific research should be free from the pressure of politics, ideology, or financial influence
  • Holds public scientists to high standards and guarantees their rights and protections under the law

We hope you will join us in defending science and preserving America’s scientific integrity by cosponsoring the Scientific Integrity Act. If you would like to cosponsor the legislation or have any questions, please contact Emily Silverberg with Congressman
Tonko at

You can see the full bill text here: Scientific Integrity Act Bill Text



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