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May 1, 2019

Cosponsor H.R. 586, the Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act


Dear Colleague,

As the humanitarian and national security crisis at the border continues, we must pursue all available paths to address this issue. In addition to building the wall, we need to close the loopholes in current law that serve as a perverse incentive for individuals
to illegally cross our borders.

We have introduced the Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act (H.R. 586) to do just that.

The Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act would:

  • Prohibit DHS from releasing a child into the custody of anyone other than a parent or legal guardian
  • Fix the Flores settlement, to ensure parents and children could be kept together in custody
  • Ensure unaccompanied alien minors can be quickly and safely returned home
  • Promote transparency and fairness in the asylum system by requiring DHS to establish quality assurance procedures for credible fear interviews
  • Tighten the credible fear standard that currently promotes fraudulent asylum claims

This bill would increase the safety of children and families, provide additional transparency and accountability within immigration laws and close loopholes that encourage individuals to undertake dangerous journeys to illegally enter our nation.

It is clear the status quo is not working. In a single day in March, Customs and Border Protection apprehended 4,000 individuals trying to cross the border illegally.

We urge you to join us in supporting a commonsense solution to this problem by cosponsoring H.R. 586, the
Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act. If you have questions or would like to cosponsor this legislation, please contact Andrea Loving at or Sally Rose Larson at 





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