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Cosponsor H.R. 2159 – Public Diplomacy Modernization Act of 2019

Current Cosponsors: Rep. McCaul (R-TX)


Dear Colleague – 


I am reaching out to invite you to cosponsor Rep. Watkins recently introduced bill,  H.R. 2159 – Public Diplomacy Modernization Act of 2019, an initiative
to streamline and improve our vitally important Public Diplomacy Efforts overseas.


Summary of H.R. 2159: 

  • Currently, Public Diplomacy efforts across the globe seek to promote American values and protect the security of our nation, with little evaluation. H.R. 2159 would direct the State Department to identify areas where efficiency can
    be increased by resource sharing and improved coordination.


  • H.R. 2159 would direct the Sec. of State to conduct regular research and evaluation of Public Diplomacy Programming and report to Congress the findings of the research and evaluation.


  • Permanently reauthorizes the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy – charged with appraising U.S. Government activities intended to understand, inform and influence foreign publics and to increase the understanding of,
    and support for, these same activities.


  • Ensures the creation of guidelines to collect and utilize information from Foreign Posts at which the construction of a new embassy or consulate compound would result in the closure or co-location of Public Diplomacy programs, under
    the Secure Embassy Construction and Counter-Terrorism Act of 1999. These guidelines will allow the Sec. of State to make a judgement on whether co-location or closure of facilities is necessary or not.


Simply put – what works in one corner of the world, does not necessarily work in another. We must do all we can to allow our Public Diplomacy professionals to succeed and reach their target audiences.


To be added as a cosponsor, or to follow up with any questions, reach out to Tim Churchill (Rep. Watkins) at Tim.Churchill@Mail.House.Gov

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