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Let Puerto Rico Join The Union!


Current Co-sponsors (14): Gonzalez-Colon, Young, Gallego, Fitzpatrick, Raskin, Shalala, Sires, Cartwright, Moulton, Hastings, Cohen,
S. Bishop, P. King, Vargas

Dear Colleague,

Please join me as a co-sponsor of the bipartisan Puerto Rico Admission Act. The bill would simply admit Puerto Rico as a state within 90 days after enactment.
This historic legislation is bipartisan, respects democracy, and resolves Puerto Rico’s failed colonial status.  

BIPARTISAN SUPPORT – This bill was co-introduced by Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon (R-Puerto Rico), “Dean of the House” Rep. Don Young (R-AK),
and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA).  

On April 29, 2010, Vice President Mike Pence declared: “As a conservative who believes in the power of self-determination
and of individual liberty, I believe the 4 million American citizens in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico should be able to voice their opinions about Puerto Rico’s relationship to the United States, although the ultimate determination of that fate rests with
this Congress, and I am pleased to stand in a long line of Republicans who have taken that view. Every Republican President for the last 50 years has been committed to self-determination and democracy for the American citizens in Puerto Rico
He concluded: “If the American citizens of Puerto Rico choose statehood, I will support that vote.

RESPECT DEMOCRACY – On June 11, 2017, 97.2% of Puerto Rican voters chose statehood in the status plebiscite.  We must respect the will of the voters and
admit Puerto Rico as a state!

RESOLVE FAILED COLONIAL STATUS – Hurricane Maria and the Fiscal Crisis / PROMESA are a painful reminder that the current colonial status isn’t working for
Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico needs two US Senators and four US Representatives from Puerto Rico to solve these critical issues!

BACKGROUND – It’s time to end 120 years of colonialism in Puerto Rico! Even after being granted U.S. citizenship, Puerto Ricans have been denied equal treatment:
1) lack of federal representation; 2) unable to vote for President; and 3) treated unequally for federal funding and benefits.
Puerto Ricans serve in the military at higher rates than citizens on the U.S. mainland. Puerto Rico has a larger population than 21 other states. Puerto Ricans also pay the same federal payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare as other Americans.

I encourage you to become a co-sponsor of the Puerto Rico Admission Act. For more information or to co-sponsor this legislation, please contact Martin Rivera
at or at 59889.



Darren Soto
Member of Congress

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