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Please join me in introducing comprehensive legislation to protect federal elections from foreign meddling by mandating paper ballots and routine, post-election “risk-limiting” audits.

The 2016 elections highlighted long-standing security flaws in America’s election infrastructure. In 2018, five states relied exclusively on insecure, paperless voting machines and 9 more states used paperless machines in at least some jurisdictions. Votes
cast with paperless voting machines cannot be subjected to a manual recount, and so there is no way to determine the real election results if they are hacked. H.R. 1 recognized this flaw and included language mandating paper ballots.

The Protecting American Votes and Elections (PAVE) Act mandates paper ballots and routine, post-election “risk-limiting” audits. It also gives the Department of Homeland Security the power to set ?mandatory security standards? for voting machines, voter
registration databases, and election results websites ?used in Federal elections?. The bill authorizes a $500 million one-time grant program to pay for states to buy new ballot scanning machines, which are needed to count paper ballots. Under this bill, the
federal government will also reimburse states for the cost of designing and printing paper ballots and for conducting risk-limiting audits. The bill also protects the confidentiality of votes cast by people with disabilities, by providing states $250 million
to buy new ballot marking machines.

State and local governments will never have the resources to defend against cyber-attacks by foreign intelligence services. This is a national security issue, which requires immediate federal action to maintain the integrity of our voting system.

To sign-on as a cosponsor, please contact
by noon on Monday, May 13.



Earl Blumenauer
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